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China's LED industry development trend

Source:SiteClick:1375 Published:2015-12-15 20:03:22

At present, China's LED industry has formed a semiconductor lighting project industrialization base, products are widely applied to landscape lighting and general lighting areas, became the world's largest lighting appliances producer and second largest exporter of electrical lighting.
LED for long life, non-toxic, low quantity of heat, high brightness, energy conservation and environmental protection advantages, become the 21st century the most promising green lighting light source. The global LED industry pattern, North America, Asia, Europe, three big area as the main battlefield. 
As the main battlefield in Asia, China's LED industry is facing the vast opportunities. With the LED backlight demand rapid growth, and lighting market demand also gradually release, LED industry will be explosive growth. China LED technology level is gradually improving, with foreign gap is becoming more and more small. So that China's LED industry is facing the broad development opportunities, in the future China will occupy the important position in the global LED industry.
led lighting and led display
LED lighting and LED display technology under the state council have been listed in the "national medium and long-term science and technology development plan outline (2006-2020)", have strong support from state and local governments. High color rendering index, high photosynthetic efficiency, wide color gamut, specular color stability is the next-generation light source LED technology facing the key issue, also promote the LED energy-saving lighting product application and promotion of the next generation high color saturation show/TV industry development urgent need to address the core problem.


6F, Zone A, Hantian Technology Building, Guiping Road, Guicheng, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China.




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